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                   A  P.A.T.H. Premier Accredited Center

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PATH Int'l Instructor Workshop and On-Site Registered Instructor Certification
November 16-19, 2016 at Born2Be Therapeutic Equestrian Center
3575 Sauls Rd., Aubrey, TC 76227

INSTRUCTOR WORKSHOP - Limited to 25 Attendees - Cost $400.00 ($375 with early registration)

The PATH Int'l Instructor Workshop will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, November 16-19, 2016.  The workshop is open to anyone interested in gaining or improving their knowledge and skills as a therapeutic riding instructor. PATH individual membership is required. Topics covered:

     * Disabilities                                                                                  * Equipment

     * Teaching theory, methodology, and Techniques                       * Mounting techniques

     * Horse Analysis                                                                           * Adapted equipment / Volunteer management

To register, complete and send the attached "Intent To Attend" form (photocopies ok) with your fee payable to Born 2 Be TEC. If paying by credit card, use the button at the bottom "GIVE DIRECT".


CERTIFICATION - Limited to 10 Attendees - Cost $300.00 ($275 with early registration)

The Registered Instructor Certification will be held on the evening of November 18 and November 19. Candidates who wish to apply for this on-site certification should:

     * Complete and send to Born 2 Be Therapeutic Equestrian Center:

           1) The Registration form

           2) Fee payable to Born 2 Be Therapeutic Equestrian Center. If paying by credit card, use "PAY HERE" button at bottom of page.

           3) A copy of your "Confirmation of Instructor-In-Training" status letter from PATH.

           4) Copy of your current PATH membership card

           5) Copies of your current CPR & First Aid Cards

The Phase II Packet will be sent upon receipt of your Registration form, required documents listed and payment. Please complete the forms, make a copy including proof of First Aid and CPR certification and copy of PATH membership card and return to Born 2 Be by October 20, 2015.

     * Certification Candidates must attend the workshop on the 18th, 19th and 20th or have proof of attendance at a previous PATH Registered 

        Instructor Workshop within the last twenty-four months.

     * Candidates will be required to ride the riding demonstration pattern on the evening of November 20th. You may choose between Western

        and English tack for the riding pattern outlined in the application materials. You  have the choice of riding a Born 2 Be horse or bringing your

        own. If you plan to ride a Born 2 Be horse, please note that the weight limit is 200 lbs.  If bringing a horse, proof of negative Coggins and a stall   

        fee will be required.

      * On Certification Day, November 19, Candidates will be required to prepare a lesson plan and teach a class of two riders who have mild

         physical and/or cognitive disabilities. Class assignments will be given the evening before to allow review of paperwork and preparation of 

         lesson plans.

       * An optional practice ride id offered to Candidates. The ride will be Thursday evening. It is a ride to become familiar with the horse assigned for the

         riding test. It is not a lesson and will be supervised by Born 2 Be instructors. You will be allowed to walk/trot/canter in each direction. Once

         achieved, the ride is over. The ride will be 20 minutes or less.

Evaluators: Katy Mead & Eileen Leek


General Information

Hotel information, maps to hotels and our site and other information will be provided upon receipt of all registration requirements. You will need to make your own travel arrangements and hotel reservation.


For More Information: Contact Mary Gwinner at Born 2 Be TEC

Phone 940-595-8200  Fax to 817-887-1869   Email: [email protected]




Workshop: November 16 - 19, 2016              Certification: November 19 (evening) and November 19, 2016

One Form per Person - Photocopies of Form OK

                                                  Mail to:                       Born 2 Be Therapeutic Equestrian Center

                                                                                     Attn: Workshop/Certification

                                                                                     3575 Sauls Rd.

                                                                                     Aubrey, Texas 76227

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

City:______________________________________________ State: ____________Zip:____________________

Home Phone:______________________________Work: ________________________Cell:_________________

Email Address:______________________________________________________________________________

Center Affiliation (if applicable):_________________________________PATH Membership No._______________

For Certification: Date completed Phase I ______________________(must be completed min. 30 days prior to Certification)

Workshop Fee......................................$400   ($375 if registered by September 15)         __________________

Workshop Audit.....................................$75 (+$35 for Manual - optional)                          __________________

Certification Fee....................................$300 ($275 if registered by September 15)         ___________________

Both Workshop and Certification Fee....$700($675 if registered by September 15)          ___________________

Practice ride (supervised, 20 min. or less) Nov. 19th (optional $35 - Candidates only)     ___________________

                                                                                               Total:                                    ___________________  

If attending Certification, will you require a Born 2 Be horse for the riding demo?   Yes_____    No_______

Method of Payment:     _____ Check #_____________

                                    ______ Credit Card: 

Deadline for Registration for  Certification is October 20, 2016

** Note: for your application for Certification to be accepted, you must include:


_____ a copy of your Confirmation of Instructor-In-Training status letter from PATH

_____ a copy of PATH membership card

_____ copies of current CPR & First Aid Cards

Cancellation Policy:  If a candidate must cancel, 50% of the fee may be refunded if Born 2 Be is notified before October 1, 2016.