Chisholm Challenge 2018 Chisholm Challenge 2018 Haley did it again. Her artwork won first prize and will be featured on next years Chisholm Challenge T's 204810756 Rosemary looking good with cowboy hat and green ribbon. Congrats Rosemary 204810758 Miss Rachel with your well earned ribbons. Way to go. 204810759 Anna and Rosalee strutting their stuff. 204810760 Sam making showmanship look easy with Rosalee 204810761 Way to go, Sam. Those blue ribbons keep piling up. 204810762 The girls. Left to right, Rachel, Lydia, Anna and Rosemary. Looking good ladies. 204810763 Mia waiting in the catacombs. 204810764 Sam and Rosaliee waiting for showmanship. 204810765 The gang again. 204810767 Tanner looking good on Miley. 204810768 Mia in the "movie" 204810770 Rachel flying on Magic. Giddy up. 204810771 Sam is that a high point award? 204810772 Lydia showing off her purple ribbon. Way to go. 204810773 Anna on Miley. What a team. 204810792 Is that Dorothy. Yep. Miss Anna in The Wizard of Oz driving drill with Cathy as The Wizard and Goldie as the Good Witch. 204810793 Lydia as Darth Vadar. The Star Wars drill was great. 204810794 The coveted buckle. 204810795 Behind the scenes.. 204810796 Mia and Honey. Great job. 204810797 Lydia and Gypsy going strong. 204810798 Thank you Mal Anderson for all your hard work. Mal and Miley taking a much needed break. 204810799 Anna and Lydia in 'character'. 204810800 Rachel shows was showmanship is all about. 204810802 Opening. 204810803 Rosemary and Gypsy, calm, cool and collected. 204810804 Sam and Miley, ride um cowboy. 204810805 Team Tanner. 204810806 Get a College Degree she said. I'll get some respect. Except at Chisholm Challenge. We love you Dakota. 204810912 Getting ready for Star Wars. Ilene and Dallas rocked it. 204810913 Eva checking out the tin man. 204810914 There is never an end to the work Roxie and Chrissy drying Gypsy after her bath. 204810915 Dorothy with the red slippers escorted by Mom. 204810916 Trisha waiting for the next class. 204810918 Sam waiting in the dreaded warm up arena. 204810985 Chelsea and Revenue, rockin' team. 204810986 The road to the arena. 204810987 Revenue gets a ribbon. 204810988 The waiting never ends. from left to right: Honey, Anna, Rachel, Sam, Gypsy and Lydia. 204810989 Tracy and Lydia in driving drill. 204810990 Team Victoria does it again. 204810991