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Well hello there, My name is Gypsy. I am a Tovero Paint. II am 11 years young. My human is an instructor at Born 2 Be, so we are keeping it all in the family. My riders think I am pretty and they look really good on me. I think so too. You can learn about my breed at ihttp://www/
My breed was originally a "war horse". I am about as far removed from that as you can get. No only do I drive a carriage, I also am a riding horse. I have a really pretty carriage, thanks to my owner, Cathy Wirz. She also volunteers at Born 2 Be.  I have big, gentle eyes that match my big, gentle personality. I also have a brother, Blaze. I am his big brother, really big brother (he was adopted, I was too) Want to know more about me, go to  By the way, my name is "Doc". 

Hello there, my name is Sunrise Hill Boots N Blazes and my birthday is 3/16/98 (in case you want to bring me apples). My stable name is Blaze and I love to blaze trails pulling my cart with my special needs friends on board. Carriage Driving is part of the program at Born 2 Be and I am  proud to participate.  I may be a miniature horse but I am a real horse NOT a pony. Come by anytime and watch me. I love attention. And I am just so cute. Oh, and the big horses are scared of me! That's my owner, Cathy, in the cart. She is also a volunteer at Born 2 Be.

I'm Mister Rebel Of Mine, better known as Rebel. However, I'm anything but a rebel. A sweeter, kinder, steadier horse you will never find, if I do say so myself. My favorite thing (hmmm, other than peppermints and carrots) is to take people for a carriage drive. I am an American Miniature Horse. It's certainly true that good things come in small packages.

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