Born2Be Therapeutic Equestrian Center
                   A  P.A.T.H. Premier Accredited Center

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Virtual EWD Horse Show


(Equestrians With Disabilities, Veterans, Community Riders, Carriage Drivers)

This is a great opportunity to include those riders (and horses) who just can’t handle the show setting – now they can shine along with everyone else.


No traveling expenses - show in your own home arena!

Great opportunity to try a new level without the stress of a big new arena!


                                                                 Hunt Seat                              Tina White

                                                                 Western Horsemanship         Becky Terrell

                                                                 Ranch Riding                         TBD

                                                                 Showmanship                        Alan Shaw

                                                                 Trail                                       Becky Kegley

                                                                 Leadline                                 Pepper Hitchcock

                                                                 Driving                                   Ruth Graves

* See Detailed Information below 

Click on links below for patterns 

NOTE:  All classes are open to Veterans and Community Riders!




(Equestrians With Disabilities, Veterans, Community Riders, Driving)



High Point (buckles)
Division Winner & Reserve
Rosettes awarded for every class
Individual judge’s feedback to each exhibitor for every class.

Ribbons & awards will be mailed to the center for distribution to the exhibitors.

Entry Form:

* Entry form deadline:  September 30, 2022
* Exhibitors must be 8 yrs old and older for all classes except Leadline.  Leadline: ages 4-7.

* Entries are via online form. Center must submit the entries for all their exhibitors.
* Exhibitor will be assigned a number upon receipt of entry form. You must use this number during the introduction to the video. Do not video before
   receiving this number.
* To request an entry form, email a request to Born 2 Be:
* Entry fee collected by check payable to Born 2 Be TEC or paid online via link: or scan the QR Code
  on the flyer, website or on this document. $30 entry fee + $5 per class entered.
* Prefer payment to be made in one transaction – no need to do each entry separately.

Video Guidelines & Submission: (the center needs to video the submission rides)

  • Video submission deadline: October 30, 2022
  • Videos to be submitted by the center.
  • You must have submitted an entry form, payment and received an exhibitor number before you can video.
  • Videos will not be submitted to the judge until all entry fees have been collected.
  • Show attire as much as possible. Showmanship – horse clean and show ready.
  • Properly fitted ASTM/SEI helmets required.
  • Each class (including Leadline) will have a designated pattern.
  • To avoid cutting the video short, it is recommended that you video 5 seconds before the start and 10 seconds after the conclusion of the ride.
  • Each submitted video contains one entry for a single class. One exhibitor in the video at a time.
  • Videos cannot exceed 5 minutes.
  • Before the ride begins, announce the date, exhibitor number, class and division (i.e. November 2, #203, Hunt Seat BI) – do NOT
         include the rider name.
  • If the pattern requires a salute to the judge, use the camera as the judge.
  • You may use a stationary camera, or you may have someone video tape from the designated location (see pattern), zooming in and out. Video must       be a continuous shot and not edited, paused, or spliced together. Video must have sound. No coaching allowed.
  • The video should be filmed at eye level in LANDSCAPE MODE. The video must be clear, not blurry. Be aware of back lighting and shadows
         that will make it difficult to see.
  • If you don’t already have one, create a YouTube channel: You must have a Google Account to create and manage your personal YouTube Channel.
         If you don’t have a Google Account, you can create one on YouTube. Sign into YouTube and choose “create a new channel.”
  • How to upload and share a video: Once you are logged in, CLICK the “create a video button” (“+” sign) at the top of the screen, right of the search
         bar (it looks like a video camera). In the drop-down menu, CLICK “upload video”, once the video is uploaded, it will then take a few minutes to “
         process.” Be certain to CLICK “PUBLIC” to choose the level of visibility then CLICK “PUBLISH.”
  • Name the video: i.e. LCA203HSBI (stands for Lights, Camera, Action    Exhibitor number    Class    Division)
         Class Codes:  Hunt Seat (HS); Western Horsemanship (WH); Showmanship (SHW); Trail (TRL); Ranch Riding (RR); Leadline (LL); Driving   
         Reinsmanship (DR); Driving Cones (DC). Veterans put a "V" before the class (i.e. Veterans Trail - VTRL). Community Rider Trail use "CR" (CRTRL)
  • Review the link to the uploaded video (by sending to someone) to make sure it works and that they can see it clearly and hear the introduction.
  • To enter the link into the video submission form, click on the video, CLICK “SHARE.” Another screen will pop up, CLICK “COPY”, go to the form to
         paste the link into the link field.
  • Once the video submission form is received, the video links will be assigned to a judge for review and scoring.

High Point Information:
* High Point classes must be declared on the entry form for points to apply toward the award. 

* There is a maximum of three classes that can be chosen and added in for points. 

* The number of exhibitors in a class will determine the number of points first place is worth.  For example, in a class of 6 exhibitors the first place will be
   worth 6 points, second is worth 5 points, 4th is worth 4 points, etc., until last place which would be worth 1 point. 
* The points of all three chosen classes will be added together and the exhibitor with the highest number of points will be declared the “High Point” all
   around winner for each division.